Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 10 Exciting Things I Did Yesterday While Not "Working"

10. Got down on my hands and knees and wiped some of the (filthy) moldings on the main floor

9. Vacuumed dog hair

8. Cleaned toilets

7. Went to three grocery stores

6. Picked up supplements from the naturopath

5. Picked up prescriptions at the drug store

4. Fixed a drawer that wouldn't close in the kitchen

3. Filled three yard debris bags

2. Paid bills

1. Took the dog in to the vet to have her anal glands expressed

(P.S. I'm turning the comment thingy back on - I appreciate that there are those of you that really want to leave me a comment. Thank you. I'm not sure how much commenting I'm going to do, so if that seems fair to you, then please, I'd love to hear your thoughts/reactions/etc. love.)

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Jan said...

Just on principal, I'm leaving you one!

Wanda said...

It's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? My list was not quite as long, but similar.

deb colarossi said...

which isn't really a comment.:)

Joanne Hutchinson said...

Wow! Sounds close to my day and I work from home a lot:)
Imagine if we weren't there to do all that! There wouldn't be ANY clean baseboards or moldings instead of a few:)

Lola said...

oops-i just posted a comment under another google account (one of my client/friends) so know it's from me Lo/Laurel and not Joanne-Good gried:)

kario said...

Well, you certainly have come full circle on the dog thing, haven't you? ;-) Vacuuming up dog hair and taking her to the vet "to have her anal glands expressed." Wow!

Love you. Thank you for turning the comments back on. It was giving me hives to read and not be able to add my 47 cents ;-)

Anonymous said...

That feels better.
You don't have to comment on our blogs, we just want to tell you we're thinking of you.

Marge said...

Just checking to see if I reset my password correctly. love you.