Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I was asked to write "something about Mary." Kicking myself for not naming the blog that, as that should be a blog, although love. is pretty much synonymous, and I am all for an economy of words.

It's been a really busy last few days, no time for the deep soul searching and clever writing. I have Post-Its and scraps of paper all over my desk with ideas/phrases/moments that need to get woven into something, but no weaving opportunities. We got home from vacation and it's been nothing but laundry, grocery shopping, errands, appointments, etc. all the things we put off until we got home, BAM, need to be done, NOW!

Think I'll resort to my ol' standby, a Top 10 list, hoping to not only clear my mind, but my desk, as well.


10. Someone in my neighborhood (and no, it's not me, but I wish I'd thought of it), puts up the coolest signs along this fence. Today's reads: If you want more love, be more loving.

9. Had an annual family reunion over the 4th of July, was complaining to one of my cousins, she simply said, "Be blessed." I think she actually meant to say (she'd had a couple beers), "You are blessed," which is, of course, very, very true, but it came out as a command, and that was even more helpful. I'll pass along the favor to you: be blessed.

8. Rojo has taken one of my favorite expressions, "Not enough has been made of..." and improved it. I can't even remember how it started, I was probably saying it to STM for the 400th time that day, something along the lines of, "Not enough has been made that I __________," because I'm big into him acknowledging each and every thing I do that contributes to the family in the least little bit. Rojo pipes up from the backseat of the car, "Yea, nothing could be more made than that!" So. There you have it, nothing could be more made than how cute that is. Nothing.

7. Got all panicky when I heard that someone I was really counting on for a critical project, changed jobs - left the company. Then I found out that the person that replaced them has the last name of Divine. Nothing could be more made than that.

6. Flicka and I go for a walk every day. Every day she wants to sniff and pull me in all sorts of directions except the one in which I've decided is "right." Nothing could be more made than she may know more about which direction we "should" be going than I do.

5. Had a great talk at the family reunion with two like-minded souls/cousins about 2012 and the "end of the world," and our belief that the "second coming" is each of us becoming more conscious and that indeed we are at a tipping point on this planet - it could go either way, it could, but we know that God promises that "He" is love, and love wins. Period.

4. Rojo begged me to take him to the park last night when it was pretty much the last thing on earth I felt like doing, but I went, and of course, The Magic Bench did its thing. Again. Had the most incredible conversation with someone that left me in tears.

3. Had to come home and recover from the soul moving Magic Bench experience and numb it out with some "The Bachelorette," complete with rapt attention to Jake and Vienna's gory break up details. This is really not a Mary Moment so much as a clear indicator of just how far I have left to go.

2. Someone asked me to ask Rojo to create a nickname for them (his specialty, or one of them, anyway). Rojo has never met this person. He came up with a nickname in about 1 second, and I e-mailed it along. Turns out that's the name her father called her when she was a little girl. Nothing could be more made than that.

1. When someone asks you to write something about Mary, it's very hard to keep it to just 10. She is everywhere. She is busy. She is never subtle. She has a great sense of humor and her signs are abundant.


RED said...

Can Rojo come up with a nickname for moi?

Anonymous said...

Great list!
Thank you Rojo!



Jane in Bahrain said...

I am so happy to find 'Love'. I love your Mary moments and agree, it's hard to keep them to 10! So much wish I could have been on the edge of the little river with you all. Next year, "God willing and the creek don't rise"...or river....
One of the great things about 'Love' is, it allows me to post comments! Here's to Love!

Jane in Bahrain said...

Oh dah, it's "love." well, I got it now "love."

Jerri said...

"Be blessed" is on my Top 10 List of Best Advice Ever.

Every day, every minute, we can choose. It's about recognizing. It's about accepting.

LOTS more can be made of that.

Deb Shucka said...

I didn't realize how much I missed your top ten lists until I read this one. I think a top ten of Mary moments should become a regular feature here.

Kim said...

Nothing could be more made than your new blog!! LOVE!!!

deb said...

I'd like to meet you on the Magical Bench someday.

a Mary fan

amber said...

I agree with Deb.

"Divine"-- That is divine.


Jill said...

i love this blog because you can go from mary to jake & vienna. :)

Lola said...

Mary Rockzzzzzzzzz SO MUCH!!!!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

That #2 moment - I'm speechless.

Ask Me Anything said...

Perfection. Thank you.

just one foot said...

Just found your blog, through Hope's, and I love it. I plan to bookmark it.

I esp. love the signs on the fence idea. I have a long wrought iron fence that runs along the front of our yard, facing the street. I regularly decorate it for holidays (it is draped with flags right now) but I just may start putting up lovely messages....hmmm...you've got me thinking now.

Love the 'be blessed' Perfect and to the point. I will use it three times this week...


Michelle O'Neil said...

I love the idea of Just One Foot decorating her sign. Spead the Love.

drama mama said...

#2 made me gasp. Out loud.

Wanda said...

Nothing more can be made than all of this.