Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Had a weird dream last night that I was in a class, we all had to buy a certain book of poetry, and the poet/author was in the class signing them. Then, after having our own signed copies, we had to pass them around the table the next day, and play a sort of musical chairs with them. I "lost," and was the only one in the class not to get a book.

The dream continued in much the same way, whereby everyone got lunch but I didn't, then, when I went to order my own lunch from a lunch stand, there was some mix-up, and I couldn't get lunch there, either.

I was deeply concerned about everyone having the wrong book, not the books carefully inscribed for them, and worried about where "my" book ended up. About that time, some mom (no idea how old we all were) came up with a frozen lunch, and told the teacher it was for her son, but her son took someone else's (mine) by mistake, and maybe that person could have the frozen one. Some other person/child nabbed "my" frozen meal, and for the third time, I was left without a lunch while everyone went along eating.

After waking up and shaking off the dream of unfairness, I recalled a time in second grade when we had a substitute teacher, and she gave every kid, except me, an STP sticker from the local gas station, at the end of the day. When I asked her why I didn't get one, she said something along the lines that I should know why.

To this day, 45-years later, I still don't know why, and, evidently, it's still bothering me.

The unfairness in the world is evident every time we turn on the news, or open our eyes. It's so hard to keep the faith, the hope, the love. It's so hard to practice mercy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

This week of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all those that hold and share the Light.


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