Monday, May 30, 2011

More Me Than Me

The 8th grade moms got together for a book exchange (fun thing to do right before summer, I'm telling you, organize one of these babies, you won't be sorry). Got my Margarita and cozied up to two of my laugh-until-you-pee-your-pants friends and proceeded to do just that. They totally had me going in under five minutes, and I've been chuckling to myself ever since (that was two weeks ago). Can enough be made of friends that make you laugh? I think not.

Anyhoo (that makes me laugh just saying that), one of the women had been Woohoo's mentor for a project when she was in eighth grade three years ago. Because this woman is not only funny, she is also kind and generous and makes incredible jewelry, and even cooks, and does art, and gardens too. Are you starting to hate her? It's impossible. Believe me, I've tried. Anyhoo (still funny), she had recently had Woohoo over for breakfast before a late start day, because she wants to keep that special connection they formed three years ago. She was telling a story on Woohoo and she turned to me and said, "She's so much like you."

"I know, she's me times ten," I said.

The other pee-your-pants-funny friend said, "She really is. She's more you than you."

We laughed ourselves silly over that truism, then returned to beating all the dead horses we already were having great laughs over, because when you think about it, re-laughing is even better than the original laugh.

It's fun to watch and listen to Woohoo be Woohoo, and see just how much more me than me she really is. World? You've been warned.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes! Re-laughing is funnier than laughing! I love that you wrote this out!

kario said...

There are few things better than friends who make you laugh and mentors for our daughters who are Just Like Us!! ;-) said...

NEHBM of friends who make you laugh. Though you did a good job here.

Amber said...

Love that-- "re-laugh"! Good one.