Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Accidents

Felt the need all week to keep this day clear - not to schedule anything, just to stay home and go through all the piles on, near and around my desk. Let's just say there might be mail from April 21st that I have yet to open.

Went for a walk with Kathleen and Flicka early, then came home and just had all kinds of trouble settling into anything, flitted and floated ineffectively from one task to the other, all the while with a sense of unease. Something is about to happen. 

Phone rang. Rojo's school. Rojo's school never calls me. Uh oh, I thought. The secretary said Rojo had cut himself with scissors, and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop. "I'll be right up," I said, sending up a prayer of thanks that I was home (albeit unshowered) and able to get there so quickly, when there are days on end that that just never would have happened).

"I think he needs a stitch," the secretary said.

"I'll take him up to Zoom Care" I said, thinking it was the kind of place you just dropped in on, sort of like an emergency room, without the emergency. Plus, they just built one really close to my house. And, because there are no accidents, one of the women from my support group just happened to be walking by the office and heard me say that.

"Oh, you can't just go up there, you have to make an appointment, but you can do that online. Do you have a Smart Phone?"

"No," I answered, not bothering to explain that I am pleased I even have a phone that has a full keyboard for texting, because I didn't have that until this fall.

"Want to borrow mine?" she asked, handing me her iPhone.

"No, I want you to do it," I said, truthfully, knowing nothing about iPhones and being way too rattled to learn in that instant. So, of course that's just what she did - got me all situated right then and right there.

Turns out you need to cancel the appointment with at least an hour warning, or be charged $99. Although the bleeding hadn't stopped at 9:30, our 1:30 appointment seemed like a reasonable time to have this issue self-fix, so I made the appointment and then agreed to meet Jenn, Rojo and the secretary back at school right before lunch to see what was what.

We pulled back the Scooby Doo Band-aid and indeed, the blood had stopped. Cleaned up the wound and put on some Neosporin, put on a fresh Scooby Doo and away I went to cancel the appointment,
grateful for no accidents, self-fixing injuries, and angels, angels, everywhere.