Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Number one thing on my list to do today is write thank you notes. It will take me the better part of the day. If I really took my time and did a nice job (never going to happen), it could take me the better part of two days. That's how many people showered us with thoughtful gifts to congratulate us, to welcome us, and to celebrate with us. We have a variety of beautiful crosses - think I'm going to dedicate a wall and hang them all on it, it will be gorgeous. We have a wide range of books I can't wait to dive into. We have a daphne plant that will bloom next spring as we celebrate our anniversary. We have candles. We have bouquets. We have Easter baskets. We have cards, cards and more cards that I will cherish (and you know, keep in my basement in a properly marked plastic tote for all eternity).

Today I will light one of the holy candles, light a Mary or two, put on sacred music and write words of gratitude.

What a great day it will be.

* Photo from http://www.hipasiwannabe.com

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