Friday, March 30, 2012

Carly's Voice

In the summer of 2010, I went to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival to take a memoir class from the incredible Hope Edelman. In that class was someone else incredible, Arthur Fleischmann. Arthur and I just "clicked" immediately. He was there working on the book he was co-writing with his daughter Carly, who has non-verbal autism but found her "voice" through an augmentative communication device. I'm happy to say they completed their book, Carly's Voice, and just this week it was published.

Arthur has the gift of being one of those super funny, gregarious, entertaining and delightful people that write just like they talk, and those gifts helped get him through the worst of times, and share joyously with all of us the best. I had the honor of reading an early version of the book, and look forward to my "real" copy arriving any day now. If I ever get Arthur to Portland I'll let you know, he'd be a delight to hear speak, and I promise you'd never forget his stories of what it's been like being Carly's father.

To learn more about the invincible Carly and to order their book, click here.


kario said...

Awesome! I am so pleased (but not surprised) that you connected personally with her father. You have such a gift for finding people to champion.

Just FYI, Bubba is getting a little nervous that so many of my fellow bloggers are writing about book recommendations. Gotta increase my budget...;-) said...

I loved hearing about them when you met him, and was delighted to see her in the new Kate Winslet book as well.

Carly is so inspiring. His book looks to be amazing.