Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moving the Chains

So, I'm not sure if it's that we had a sunny day (after, I swear to God, an inch-a-day TFBS that we called "Spring Break), or if it's that Mercury, Mars and Saturn are about to turn around and go direct, or if it's that I had the slip cover lady over to measure, thus forcing me out of "the" chair, but whatever the reason(s), I got up and got going yesterday.

I made phone calls that had been on my list for months. I scheduled appointments. I made new lists and satisfyingly scratched things off the old one(s). STM came home and I told him all about it. "I don't have a case worker yet, but I called Joan, and I found out WHO to call (and who not to call). I have a lunch date with Kerstin (who has an almost 17-year-old with special needs), I am meeting on Wednesday with a woman from "independent housing," I am meeting next week with someone to talk bout the pros and cons of guardianship/SSI/Medicaid and waivers for transitional services. I have put the wheels in motion, and it feels good. And scary. And overwhelming. But better than sitting here pretending it's all going to go away. Even if all this is for 'nothing,' it feels like something."

"So, you're moving the chains. I'd say you got yourself a first down," he said. Now, I know " " this much about football, but I do know that a first down means progress. Doesn't mean a touch down, but it means you are that much closer to one.

What struck me about yesterday was how many people were very happy to help. Very happy to meet. Very happy to tell me what they've learned and show me the ropes. Every time Rojo's needed a guardian angel, he's received ten.

And so have I.


patricia said...

I love that your husband used a sports analogy! And, I love that you have begun a new journey, where you are sure to feel blessed beyond belief. I have read your blog for a long time, and your words are a blessing to me.

fullsoulahead.com said...

Rojo has legions of angels with him at every turn. They stick around their own kind.

Elizabeth said...

The packet of "stuff" about guardianship, transition, etc. is sitting on my desk in the kitchen. Perhaps I should "tackle" it and move towards a first down.

Cheryl said...

When you send love ahead of you, that's what you find when you get there. That in itself is a touchdown.

kario said...

And the thing I love about 'moving the chains' is that you get four more chances to move them again. It doesn't matter that you don't get another first down right away - you've got a few tries.

Love that you found sun. Love that you're getting the slipcovers done. Love that you're finding help when you need it.

Love you.

Amber said...

So very proud of you!
I think it is an energy change, and can I just say about effing time?! I too have been able to get things done for the first time in MONTHS. My head feels clear. My body moves when I tell it to. Niiiice.

Go sister! Go.