Monday, April 23, 2012


Took my kids to see the musical, "No, No, Nanette" yesterday at their high school. Had a ball. See how I said that all casual like, just as though it were an every day occurrence for me to take both kids somewhere, for FUN?

Not so much.

STM didn't want to go - musicals are not his thing. The three of us really wanted to go. Nobody dragged their feet. Nobody complained. Nobody negotiated to leave at intermission. Nobody was obnoxious during the performance. We clapped. We laughed. We smiled. We "WOOOOOO'd" all our friends at curtain call.

I sat between my two kids - both bigger than me now, they each had their arm on the arm rests next to me, so were both leaning in on me, and I was able to both enjoy the performance, and the moment for what it was - precious.

Because "Two for Tea" is one of the big songs from the musical, they raffled off a tea-themed basket to raise money for the drama department. I bought three tickets. Knew in my gut the minute I bought them, I'd be the winner (let it be said I think the last time I won something I was in 7th grade). At intermission they pulled the winning raffle ticket out and called the numbers. I held my three and just waited for one of them to be mine.

It was.

I was the big winner all around yesterday.

5 comments: said...

I love the gloriousness of you and your kids at a theater production, having a great time.

I love everything about this, except of course, the tea.

Elizabeth said...

What a heart-warming post -- every single word of it.

I'm thinking you should have bought a lottery ticket as well!

kario said...


Here's hoping you get to enjoy your tea today on a sunny Monday with both kids at school.

Glad you all had such a great time.

Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

In my humble experience, intuition is 99% correct, 100 % of the time...congratulations on your tea haul...hoist a cup for me!

Jerri said...

Wonderful that you recognize "precious" in real time.