Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures

You just gotta love an almost-sixteen-year-old boy that is thrilled, thrilled with his $2.00 bottle of Sauve shampoo, Refreshing Waterfall Mist. Who delights in going to the store to pick out a new bottle, because his old one, Tropical Coconut is low, and he wants to smell good. He opens the lid of every single "flavor" they have and takes in a big whiff. Carefully considers which one will make his hair smell the best - "Care, you know I gotta smell smokin' hot."

We went on the shampoo expedition first thing Saturday morning, and he hasn't stopped thanking me since. He's lowered his almost 5' 9" head down so I can take a whiff, no fewer than 10 times. "Don't I smell smokin' hot?"

He was so excited to get in the shower on Saturday, he could not wait for his usual right-before-bed time. "Care, I am going to take my shower at 3:02 today so I can smell smokin' hot for church tonight. Won't I smell smokin' hot for church tonight, Care?"

He did.

6 comments: said...

NECANBEMADE that he calls you Care.

Wish I could smell him.

Brenda said...

So CUTE! P.S. My son loves travel shampoos. Won't use them. Just loves them. And smelling them.

Me said...


That boy of yours can be one fun kid!

Elizabeth said...

This made me giggle and remember those seventies commercials for "Herbal Essence" or was it "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific?" There was a woman in a shower, washing her hair in ecstasy --

kario said...

Well, if what he wants is to smell "smokin' hot," I'll have Bubba bottle up some of his smoked pork ribs scent and send it on down. He'll have all the girls swooning (and the dog, too).

Galen Pearl said...

I'm going right out to get some of that, cause I want to smell smokin' hot, too! Way funny.