Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Even STM agrees, it's time to replace the slipcovers for our furniture in the "reading room," aka, the iPad/Flicka room. Since we don't dine, our "dining room" has a love seat, big chair and an ottoman in it, two little end tables and a plant. Smallest room in the house. We spend 90% of our family time in it. I spend 90% of my life in it, and have all the technology a girl could want, right at my fingertips: iPad, MacBook, cell phone, cordless landline phone, chargers and cords going every which way. I may never leave this room. The kitchen is just right there, every book I'm in even considering reading is stacked on the table, my reading glasses, calendar, pencil and coaster for my coffee - all right there. If I could just get STM to move the washer/dryer in here too, I'd really be set.

Back to the slipcovers. When we moved into the house before this one, almost fourteen years ago, we bought these pieces of furniture for the then family room. We washed the slipcovers that came with them so many times they were trashed in six months. We had them replaced with custom made denim ones, and they've been rock stars. But, two kids, a dog, misuse of Sharpies, years and years (and years) of diaper changes on the ottoman later, they are, well, let's just call a spade a spade, gross. They are faded. They are ill fitting. They are threadbare. They are stained. In places they even have holes. They are just like your favorite pair of jeans - they hold memories and meaning and if they could talk, well, the stories they could tell.

I convinced STM that this time the slipcovers would last as long as we want and need them to - for the rest of the life of the furniture. We've got one kid almost out the door, and another one that no longer needs his diaper changed, or writes with a Sharpie on furniture and walls (that reminds me, note to self: we need to repaint several walls, too). We are no longer the couple with two small kids that we were fourteen years ago. Our lives have changed. Our family has changed. The way we use our house has changed. And all you can do when everything is changing, is change along with it.

Starting with the slipcovers.


kario said...

Yay! I loved that moment when Bubba and I decided we could finally get "grown up" furniture because the kids weren't likely to draw on it or spill an entire hot chocolate between the cushions of the couch.

BTW, I was only in that room a few times, but I love it, too. The light, the proximity to the kitchen, the coziness of it. I like picturing you there. said...

Fun! I wonder what you'll pick?

Anonymous said...

You need to post pictures of this room - I don't know why, but how you discribe it, it feels like a living breathing thing - I want to see it :). Enjoy the new slip cover buying!!!

Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

"Misuse of Sharpies"...girl, youslay me! But, "we don't dine"? Girl, am I gonna have to come over there and whip you into shape? Sigh. I love you.