Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Great Reads

Really hard to sleep while I've been "tired," since all I do is blow my nose and cough. But, here's the good news: I'm on Season 5 of "Brothers and Sisters," have become EXPERT at Solitaire, and have read two of the best books.

THE SCHOOL OF ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS is one my mom lent me, all she said was, "You'll love it." I did. Even though it talks a LOT about food and that is about 1001 on my list of things I'm interested in reading/talking about. It's one of those sweet books you can read quickly, but long after the characters float around in your brain in a happy way.

Then another friend recommended HEFT. She said it was un-put-down-able. I found that to be true. I read half the first day, half the second, and I am NOT a fast reader. I don't even want to tell you too much about it, it would spoil it. Just get the book and enjoy great writing and again, wonderful characters.

Happy reading! Hope you all keep from getting "tired!"

5 comments: said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

Hope you are feeling less tired.


kario said...

Oh, thank goodness! I'm mired deeply in a book I'm reviewing that I am finding it hard to even finish, I so disagree with the author. Sounds like Heft might rescue me!

Galen Pearl said...

Always looking for a good read--thanks! And I'll use the opportunity to plug my favorite independent bookstore, Broadway Books, on NE Broadway!

Me said...

Hope you're feeling better real soon!

Brenda said...

Feel better soon!