Friday, March 2, 2012

Solitaire Wisdom Pt. 2

I've come to the convenient conclusion that playing solitaire on the iPad, while snuggling Flicka in the chair-and-a-half, is about the best possible use of my time. Somehow the tap, tap, tapping and moving the "cards" around opens up places in my mind that I did not previously have access to.

Plus, there's a "hint" button.

I've set the game so that it only deals winning hands. That means, it is possible to win each game. Doesn't mean I always do. There are all kinds of ways to screw up, or simply guess wrong, when faced with two seemingly similar choices. The beauty is when you don't know what to do, you simply click "hint" and it shows you what you can do. Then, if you still screw up, there's the ever-helpful "undo" button. As a last resort, you play the game, get stuck, can't win, know it's possible to win, you just click "replay game" and you take everything you learned from your previous attempt(s) and go at it again.

I do think life is a game of solitaire. We have all kinds of hints, undos, and even re-plays with the winning hand we're dealt. It's just a matter of using them.


Nancy said...

Didn't know I could set up solitaire this way!! I love this Carrie. You are right, as always, that we are given so many opportunities to learn and re-play. I needed this today. Thank you :)

kario said...

I love it! I am a total solitaire junkie, only I set mine to the "vegas" mode where it keeps track of how much money I lose.

I love the analogy. You're right. We're all dealt a winning hand, it's just a matter of whether we avail ourselves of the help out there for us.


Amber said...

Oh yes! I like that.


Galen Pearl said...

Ha! I like to play online mahjong solitaire. Great analogy.

Brenda said...

What a great metaphor for life. I love it. said...

Love it!

May life only deal you winning hands Ms. Carrie.

Elizabeth said...

Plus you get that fabulous fireworks sort of celebration when you do win! I LOVE that.

terry said...

You are truly brilliant. No doubt.