Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Day

Knew something was amiss the minute I picked Rojo up from school yesterday, and he declined my offer to take him for frozen yogurt, AND didn't want to go to the school to play with the dogs and see all his friends. "I just want to go home and have quiet time." Although there are plenty of hours in the day when Rojo is doing his thing, he is never, ever, ever quiet.

He was. Like a stone. "Are you sick?" I asked.

His face got red and tears sprang to his eyes. "You know that hurts my feelings when you say that. Don't say I am sick! I am not sick!"

"Should I say you're just tired?"

"Yes! Just say I am tired! I am not sick!"

"I know you're not sick, but I'm going to give you Motrin - it will help you not feel so 'tired.'"

"Okay," he said without a fuss.

Gave him Motrin, got him cozy in the TV room with Flicka and some show aimed at the preschool set, and he stared silently at it.

I suggested we "start the process" for bed early - an hour early - and again, he didn't protest. He obligingly let me brush his teeth, smear his head with Clearasil and tuck him into bed.

When he got up at 5:50 he went straight to the Motrin and asked for another dose. "I don't think I can do what we were going to do today - I'm still... 'tired,' but I will feel better tomorrow."

I cancelled our plans (an all day event for his upcoming Confirmation) got out the sleeping bag, made him a proper bed in the TV room and got him situated with water, snacks, Kleenex, a waste basket and Flicka. I've checked on him a million times, and he's eating and drinking, perking up by the hour and was even YouTubing ice cream songs a little bit ago - complete with humming and thumping of his foot.

It's a guilty pleasure, but when ADHD takes a sick day, it's kind of nice.



What a tender and sweet mom you are to Rojo on his sick day.
Sending him a special blessings and praying he's over whatever was making him "tired."
We've had something at our house and it's not been fun.

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I don't have a kindle but I downloaded the reading app to my computer for free. You might check out Vada Faith, it's a fun read. And you can't beat for free.
Blessings, Barb W

kario said...

The next time I'm tired, I'm coming to stay with you. What a lovely caretaker you are. I'll even let you smear my head with Clearasil if you want...

Glad he's doing better. said...

He is adorable that it hurts his feelings to call him sick. I'm glad he is feeling less "tired." You are a great mom.

Wanda said...

I hope no one else catches his "tired"--and I hope you get to enjoy more quiet without anyone having to be sick.


I'm so excited that you are going to read VADA FAITH. It's a cultural experience, I hope.
A story close to my heart. Imagined! But still dear to me.
Let me know what you think after you read.
Thanks so much, Barb

Elizabeth said...

You are such an amazing mom. I so understand the "relief" in caring for him when he's sick. When my Sophie gets sick, particularly a fever, she sleeps or lies down, quiet, for hours and hours. I always feel a tad guilty about my "enjoyment" of it.