Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Good Egg

When I'm not "busy" playing solitaire, I'm making my way through five seasons of "Brothers and Sisters." I can proudly say I'm on Season 4. One of the story lines involves brother Kevin and his partner selecting an egg donor for the child they hope to have together.

This is pushing all my buttons, and not the ones you might think. No, the big button getting pushed is the whole idea that there are good eggs and bad eggs, and one can select the good by scrolling through an Internet data base, and avoid the bad ones all together.

When a woman well into her 40's gets pregnant, we all know the chances for a "good egg" are slim. "Infinitesimal" one might say. Then we all have our opinions about what one should do knowing she's passed on a "bad egg." I'm not here to debate the right to life. I'm not here to sway anyone to one side or the other on any of those hot topics. No. I'm here to ask us to reconsider what we consider "good."

Had I been an egg donor in my early 20's, I may very well have been chosen. I would have looked mighty good on "paper" (and come to think of it, that's all we had in my 20's). What would the couple have done if after carefully selecting me, they came to have a Rojo? Wanted their money back?

I don't think that Rojo is the result of a "bad" egg (or sperm). I don't think there's anything bad about him or his conception, or the life he leads and the ones he touches.

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kario said...

We are so convinced of our ability to control the circumstances of our lives that we forget to look at the gifts that serendipity brings.

Rojo is a gift.
They all are.


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Amber said...

I should say not!

I was listening to a show, and the topic was the low rate of children born with Down's these days. I understand why people make the choices they do, and the fear they must have for thiers and the kids life...But it still seems sad to me. It all makes me wonder...what are me missing, because we are missing them?


Anonymous said...

I think you are so right. Words are so powerful. My sister was unplanned, we are less then a year apart and always, always growing up when people found out we were so close they would say oh I guess you must have been a mistake. My mom would get very irate and correct them - she would say that my sister was our surprise gift - she has never and will never be a mistake!!!