Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Flying High

Day #2 was great. Showed Rojo where I would be parked on the days I come to get him, and that took a couple extra minutes. In those couple minutes one of his favorite people got dropped off and was walking into the building. Rojo didn't even glance back, he shot out of the car and was in that building, arm around the friend and marching forward.

Got an e-mail from one of the lovely women that work in the building saying how much she enjoyed her conversation with Rojo that day, and marveled at how much his communication skills have improved in the three years she's known him. Then she thanked me for sending him there. He forced her to be in the present, and she appreciated that. She looked forward to more of what he would be teaching her.

My friend Val and I had a few minutes to catch up today and we talked again about how Rojo has no ego whatsoever. No vanity. No modesty. No self-consciousness. No doubt and no anxiety about how his needs will be met. He is clear he can't do a whole lot of things, and he trusts that whomever he asks to help him, will be more than happy to. This approach hasn't failed him yet.

Why do we struggle so to believe this universal truth, that help is abundant and all we have to do is ask?

Got a good reminder of that recently. We are going to take Woohoo on an overnight trip to visit a college, and are leaving Rojo and Flicka home with a former teacher of his and her husband. Rojo was handled, but I worried about poor Flicka being home alone all day - she isn't used to that and doesn't like being alone. Finally reached out to someone that has told me numerous times she'd be happy to help with Flicka anytime, and guess what? She was happy to help out with Flicka - just like she said! Then she thanked ME for asking!

The message is clear. The universe is set up to be win:win. We ask, we receive. We give, we get. People are helped by helping. It all works if we just let it.

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8 comments: said...

SO glad he had another great day! So glad you asked for help! Good stuff going on over there!

kario said...

Please let that person who thanked you for asking her to help that he or she is my hero. A bonafide rock star. Someone to be forever treasured.

And those people who reach out to let you know how happy they are to spend time with your kids? They qualify, too. So many amazing people in the world, and if we just acknowledge each others' glorious qualities, it just keeps on giving back.


Tanya Savko said...

"It all works if we just let it." Yes, it certainly does. I needed that reminder!

Elizabeth said...

It's always so heartening to read your words, here, Carrie. Thank you for them and for sharing your stories --

Dee said...

I needed this reminder today that the Universe offers us the help we need. We simply need open our eyes and hearts and let go of the ceaseless voice within that insists we are alone.

I guess today my mantra will be about letting go of the belief that I am "the master of my fate" and have to go it alone.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love this message!!! You are so right too! We are born to give love away, it is written in everyones destiny.

One Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder. I think we all overlook this sometimes. :)

Amber said...

Oh yes!!

How wonderful that the school person took time to share what she did. What a blessing to just take the time to pass that on! A good lesson there, I think. Just take time to be kind more often.