Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, Rojo, who's only interest in music up to this point has been ice cream truck and church songs, is getting familiar with popular music when he drives with Woohoo in the morning. He now has one favorite, and he sings it over and over and over and yes, you got it, over again. He asked if I could make it play on the radio. I'm powerful, but not that powerful. Turns out what he meant was could I put it on a disc so he could play it on the old Target boom box with flowers on it, and spattered paint from all the times its provided music during painting projects.

Found it on iTunes, burned it on a CD, and within five minutes he was jammin'. Now the song is stuck in my head, too, so I thought I'd share it with you, in the hopes that everyone I know could be singing Ke$ha's song, "Blow."

No need to thank me.

(And no, he has not seen the video.)


Elizabeth said...

I don't know how to thank you! :) And that's one classy video, too! :) said...
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Jamie said...

Little Sis is stuck on Moves like Jagger - by I don't know who - every day I carry about my life with a soundtrack of whistling and "I've got the moves like Jagger... I've got the mooooooves..." in my head. Makes me smile though because it also makes me think of Little Sis!

kario said...

Ai yai yai! Thank goodness he hasn't seen the video. He might try out some dance moves.

BTW, I didn't watch the video or listen to the song. I've heard it once and I don't need to hear it again. Ugh.