Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So this morning I was on breakfast duty, STM was away, and Rojo decided to pick this day, of all days, to sleep in. Not that I didn't mind a few extra quiet moments, I certainly did, but eventually I had to actually go and wake him up, and it was surprisingly difficult to do. Guess he really is a teenager, after all.

So, Woohoo was leaving at 7:15 sharp to get to school and take care of some things, and he needed to be ready to go. At 6:30 he was lounging (loudly). At 6:40 he was promising to come eat breakfast, but was making no moves towards having it happen. At 6:45 he was finally sitting at the breakfast bar, but was not eating. He was chatting. He was kicking to the beat of some song he was humming. He had his mouth engaged in ten different ways besides the one I needed it to be.

"Rojo, stop chatting and EAT!" I finally said in exasperation.

He continued to chat. Pretty much to himself, I guess, because I was not engaging.

"There's no time for chit-chat, EAT!" I said, now fully enraged.

"There's always time for chit-chat with a friend like you," he said, which of course made me laugh, which of course made him laugh, which of course gave his mouth one more thing to do besides eat.

After we got done laughing, I resumed the drill sergeant role, shouting out, "Eat! Eat! Just EAT!"

"Jesus," he said,"you're like a merry-go-round with the eat, eat, eat, when are you going to get off?"

So, he finally ate, they finally left, I finally took the dog for a walk, and on the way I saw that my favorite sign maker was back at it. "Make someone happy," it said. I decided that by getting off the merry-go-round I'd make at least two people happy.


Anonymous said...

He sounds like a teenager, mixed in with a sprinkling of guru/hippie.

kario said...

Oh, my. Hope STM is back tomorrow morning for breakfast duty.

Dee said...

Carrie, you must sometimes feel like a yo-yo. Glad you could get off the merry-go-round. But oh, it's so clear why sometimes you are whirling round on it!


fullsoulahead.com said...

"There's always time for chit-chat with a friend like you."

I love it. He saves himself every time with the Rojo-isms. He is hilarious. Even on the merry-go-round, you are an incredible mom.

Tanya Savko said...

"There's always time for chit-chat with a friend like you" - I definitely back him on that! Miss you!