Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sound of Silence

The tradition has always been that after we're about three weeks into the school year, I go to Sisters, alone, and celebrate the fact that Rojo doesn't have a mark on 'em. I take my journals (dream and otherwise), spiritual readings, ear plugs and sleep eye shade thingy, walking shoes and computer, and de-stim. After three months home with Rojo, the various ice cream truck songs and cell phone ring tones being hummed, sung, kicked and tapped non-stop, it's what I do so that I can keep on doing it.

Because last year we sold the house my mom had in Sisters, I didn't know what I was going to do to keep the tradition alive, and thus, my sanity, and thus, Rojo. My cousin Julie graciously offered me the use of their vacation home, and I very nearly took her up on it (and will in the future). But I don't just need the time away, I need time away in this part of the world - the place where I am most able to hear and feel the comfort of Mary/God/Spirit/myself.

Checked into the possibility of a hotel - way too expensive and would have to have all my meals out (too much bother and too much money). Did a little looking on the Internet and found a super bargain house, now that it's off-season, in the same development in which we had our house. STM thought that was weird, but I know myself. I don't need novelty. I don't need adventure. I need, especially at this moment, the least amount of decision making, the least amount of new and different. I need everything to come down about 10 notches in my brain, and here is the place on Earth where that is possible for me.

I wish I could capture the smell of the air here, and let you have a sniff. It would heal you in a place you need healing - I promise. I have the windows open now, a warm sweatshirt on, and am just reveling in the smell. And the silence. Not enough can be made of the silence. With the windows open I can hear the birds, and in the far distance, the highway (which I pretend is a waterfall - it works). So quiet, in fact, that the battery operated clock on the wall was driving me CRAZY with its incessant ticking. Yanked that battery right out.

Got here yesterday, late afternoon. Went on a walk soon as I got things put away. Had to see my favorite tree on Earth. The tree that reminds me that no matter how far off course I get, or how long it takes me to get wherever it is I think I want to go, things have a way of straightening themselves out. That, and nature corrects.

Can't talk now. Must go sit on the deck and breathe deeply.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, how wonderful.

Kate J said...

I do this too, once the school year is underway. Going to a certain beachfront for a week of walking, sleeping, swimming, and thinking. Off-season rates come at the perfect time.

Tanya Savko said...

Yes, breathe deeply and enjoy. Love.

kario said...

I love this ritual of yours. And I love, having been to that particular place on Earth, being able to picture you there. And that tree - oh, that tree.

Enjoy your space and the air and the quiet.