Monday, September 12, 2011

Miracle Boy

So, I'm at Bi-Mart picking up a prescription. I march up to the counter and hear a woman to my left say, "Actually, you're in line." She was an elderly woman, sitting on the nearby bench waiting for the pharmacist to finish her order.

"Oh, okay, I'll stand over here and wait until you're done," I tell her.

She takes a harder look at me and says, "Aren't you the mother of the miracle boy?"

I had recognized her, too, but didn't knew her name - knew she was what we call one of the "holy elders" at our church. When I donate blood she often checks me in.

"So, you were at his Baptism, I see," I say.

"Yes, I've never seen anything like it," she says, "and I've seen a lot."

Then the woman proceeds to tear up and say, "That moment he raised his arms and led us all in the 'Alleuluia Chorus," really got me, it gets me just thinking about it."

"Yes, he's a special boy, alright," I say.

"He certainly is," she says, and wipes her eyes.

Then the mother of the miracle boy wiped hers, too.


Anonymous said...

Mother of the Miracle Boy - what an honour to be given that title. said...

Ooooo. That scene would make a great introduction to a book.

One Mom said...

And then the readers of the blog written by the Mother of the Miracle Boy wiped their tears, too.


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Dee said...

I held my breath during this story. The moment was holy.