Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy to Help

We like to go to 5:30 Saturday night Mass. Not (just) because we then have our Sunday mornings free from the hurry up go, go of the rest of the week, but because there's just a different vibe at that Mass. That's the Mass that most of the "holy elders" attend, the ones that go every weekday morning at 8:00. The ones that have been taking communion with and to each other in times of sickness and in health. The ones that have been there and done that since way before that was an expression. The ones that walk with canes, walkers, and each other arm-in-arm. The ones that teach and preach volumes just by showing up. Those ones.

On Saturday night Rojo, STM, Kathleen, her husband, "Romey," (nickname given to him by Rojo) and I were all sitting there together, Rojo's arms flailing around in his usual celebratory way. A friend came over and asked if he'd help at the end of Mass - hold a basket for donations for a second collection, to our sister parish, a parish in need.

I thought for sure Rojo would say no. He says no to 100% of everything. He is, much like his father, a buck, buck, buck embracer. They say no just to say no, even when "yes" behooves them. Don't get me started. Anyway... thought for sure he'd say no, but he looked at her and said, "I'd be happy help you!"

I looked at him incredulously and he said, point blank, "Glory to God, always."




kario said...

Ha! That boy. I guess you just need to frame your questions to him differently. So he sees that helping you would be of service to God and Her Glory. ;-)

fullsoulahead.com said...

May he never stop surprising you.