Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding a New Routine

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you as of late, you see, it goes a little something like this: We have out-of-town guests staying with us, and my routine is thrown off. Plus, Kathleen and I have started walking in the afternoons when she gets off work, before I have to go get Rojo from school, and that has, what's that you say? thrown my routine off. Back-to-school has... drumroll... thrown my routine off. STM was doing Cycle Oregon all last week and that, well, as a matter of fact, yes, that has thrown my routine off. Had one over the summer, and am now looking for a new one.

The guests are great - two sisters that are STM's first cousins, travelled all the way from Ohio and Indiana just to spend time with STM's family (and us). Lovely. It's kind of like having two extra Carries in the house, which obviously, is a good thing.

Things continue to go really well for Rojo in his new school and new program. I'm knocking on wood pretty much 24/7 because everything is so great. I well up with tears of gratitude several times a day. Seriously. The communication between Rojo's teachers and me is excellent. No "housekeeping" issue too mundane for them to take seriously. Had a little tiny hiccup in choir as Rojo doesn't read music, has never sung WITH people before, and pretty much doesn't have a single solitary clue what's going on in there. Within 24-hours of the hiccup being identified, a solution was in place. Let me just say this, not only a solution, but divine intervention. The vice-principal found a senior that happened to have a free period when Rojo is in choir, and could serve as a peer tutor. He happens to have had choir before. He just so happens to have a middle school-aged brother on the spectrum and gets it. Oh, and he was already thinking he'd like to get involved in new program somehow - lend his help. Say it with me...

Woohoo continues to own the place as a senior, and is kicking ass all over the place. Most days she takes Rojo to school and many days she's able to bring him home, too. Sometimes she drags him with her to run her various errands, or attend something after school, etc. The other day they didn't get home until 4:15. She looked like something the cat dragged in. Grabbing a snack she says, "I'm out. I'm going in my room and not emerging. Taking Rojo to the mall really did me in."

No comment.

We've done all we can to separate her life/needs from his, let her have her life independently. I see this as a big transition year for her - for one year and one year only, they'll go to the same school, she will be his big sister in a way she hasn't been before, by design. She is assuming greater independence and at the same time, more responsibility. I think it's a good thing to prepare her for college/life. At least that's what I tell myself.

So, things are well here, blog, better than well... blessed.

More soon,

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Elizabeth said...

It's always so good to hear from you. Your enthusiasm, love and good humor are positively infectious!

Dee said...

There is a wisdom within you, Carrie, that brightens every posting you write. You teach us all as you find your own way of helping both Rojo and Woohoo be independent.


Amber said...

Love all of this. Love that Rojo has a choir angel. Love that big sis is growing as ahe is-- that is such an amazing time in life, with all your life ahead, and at the same time with enough wisdom to start seeing things you never saw before... I bet she will come to an even deeper understanding of how great YOU are. Love that you have family to visit.

Love that I am not the ONLY one looking for my routine! ha

:) said...


kario said...

Hallelujah! (In my best choir voice).

You deserve each and every single moment of eyes-welling-up gratitude and peace and comfort that comes with knowing Rojo is in a good place. You set it up for him.

And I love that Lucy is getting this firsthand knowledge of what it's like and the special time with her brother.

Enjoy your company and take your time finding your new routine.

Wanda said...

Perfect! No accidents...lots of planning. Grace becomes you.

jess said...

I absolutely, positively LOVE this. I love everything about this. (Miss you.)