Friday, September 16, 2011

No Soliciting

Doorbell rang last night just as I was trying to put Rojo to bed. Already dark outside, porch light was not on, nothing about our house said, "We are interested in buying what you're selling."

Flicka barked and ran for the door (only time she ever barks is when the doorbell rings). Rojo and Woohoo beat me to the door, and by the time I got there (2 seconds later), they were chatting it up with the young man on the other side. Apparently they'd forgotten all instructions to yell through the door, "Sorry, we're not interested!" Certainly, they forgot not to open the door to strangers.

When I entered into the mix I heard Rojo and the young man having quite an exchange. Of course Rojo knew him from the neighborhood, and this young stud was being so darling with him, I almost started crying. Here stood a tall, handsome, high school athlete, selling some such thing as a fund raiser for his team. Something we clearly don't need, but I bought one anyway, to the tune of $20.

He said goodbye to Rojo in such a sincere way, a way that showed me not only had he had exchanges with him in the past, but that he'd enjoyed them - he wasn't just being nice, which, would have been nice, too.

I love it when people are nice for the sake of being nice, but there's something that warms my heart even more when people are clearly feeling more than that - invested isn't the right word, but you know what I mean. They feel, oh, I guess, sincere in their interaction.

It was $20 well spent.


kario said...

This boy is just determined to expand everyone's world, isn't he? (Rojo, I mean.)

Love it!

Dee said...

Your stories about Rojo and his wondrous affect on everyone he meets always warm my heart.

Thank you.

Peace. said...

People can't help but respond to the love Rojo oozes.

One Mom said...

I love hearing all about what Rojo is is up to, and I'm so happy to hear that he is thriving.


Amber said...

Another way in which you are nicer than I am. I open the door, point to my NO SOLICITING sign, and say something snarky, "that means noooo thank youuuu."
I would have missed the whole nice guy thing! Live and learn. lol!