Monday, August 15, 2011

With Ease

Night number two of the reunion was super fun, too. Got to talk to some of the people I didn't the night before, and go a little deeper with those that I had. Really nice.

There were unexpected connections, small world stories, then just before I was leaving (after being there six hours), someone came up to me and said, "Oh, you're leaving, darn, I really wanted to talk to you." So, of course I stayed another half hour and was glad I did. He said, "I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your dad. I had him as a business law teacher, and now I'm a lawyer practicing business law."

On the way down to Eugene I stopped and saw really old family friends, spent a couple hours with my "twin" (born on the same day), her older sister and elderly parents. They knew my parents before they were married - knew my dad before he was even dating my mom. Both my twin and I have dad's with the same name, born four days apart. More than a coincidence, don't you think?

These two experiences book ending my weekend were nice extras. Wasn't expecting to go to my reunion and get stories about my dad that made me smile, made me soften, made me know him and appreciate him in a way I don't always.

Then, right before my two buddies and I parted for the weekend, one of them told us about her time with an intuitive healer. The woman asked if she'd been using a belt sander. As a matter of fact, yes, she had. The healer said, "Did you sand with ease?" As a matter of fact, no, she had not. "Do everything with ease. No matter what you're doing, cooking, sanding, laundry, talking, resting, washing dishes, driving, do it all with ease. Say to yourself, 'I am cooking with ease.' Add 'At ease' to the end of everything.

Like that better than "mindfulness" or "with presence." So, I said goodbye to my friends with ease. I drove home (in lots of traffic) with ease. I greeted my family, took Rojo out for frozen yogurt, and didn't unpack until today. With ease.

All day today I've found myself narrating what I'm doing. "I'm going to Trader Joe's with ease." "I'm parking with ease." "I'm putting things away with ease," etc.

And so I offer those helpful words to you, with ease.



kario said...

I love these gifts that come with connection! Such an important reminder to truly engage with people around us.

Thanks for this. said...

With ease.

Love it.

Tanya Savko said...

Yes! Everything with ease.

Elizabeth said...

There are no accidents. I often think of and use the word "ease." Every day. And when I hear of people in trouble or suffering, I always, always wish them ease.

Dee said...

Thank you, with ease, for the way you eased us into this wonderful gift. Today I will edit with ease and hold the cats and read the book. Peace, with ease.