Friday, August 26, 2011

Ride 'er 'til She Bucks Ya

My on fire streak lasted four days. Cleaned the hall closet top to bottom. Cleaned the pantry - put like with like, what a concept. Cleaned the laundry room. Filled my car and went to Goodwill, did the same thing the next day. Made a dent in the basement (am giving myself all year to plug away on that purging project), but did get some of the chaos under control.

Went to bed last night feeling like, "Wow! My life is so manageable! I can totally do this! Look! I can run the show, get everyone where they need to be, and tend to more than the superficial cleaning of this home! I have it all figured out!"

But then today I woke up and the streak was clearly over. Whatever it was that was working, was not. Back to the spinning of the wheels. Back to the never stop moving but never get anything done routine that I know so well. Back to "normal."

At least now I know a streak is possible, it's not predictable, you can't put it on your calendar and plan for it. You just have to strike while the iron is hot (the latest expression I taught Rojo). You have to ride that bull until she bucks 'ya.

Then get back up and do what you can to hang on.

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kario said...

It's just when we think we have it all figured out that life creeps back in, dammit!

I love that you got so much done. Celebrate that as you sit on the porch and enjoy the sunshine today. Let someone else have a ride for now...

Love. said...

Your energy on a normal day is way more than mine on a high energy day.

Just saying.

Take an A and then give yourself a break, woman. We'll never get it all done.

Dee said...

It seems to me that you have just experienced the ebb and flow of life and energy.

You live now, rest now, within the ebb. And so I second what Kario says--"enjoy the sunshine today." And also what Michelle says--"Take an A and give yourself a break."

Be gracious to yourself in both ebb and flow.

Peace within and without.

Amber said...

I feel EXACTLY like this!!!!!! You crack me up. And I love love love 'ride 'er 'til she bucks ya'. Awesome.