Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love it When that Happens

Know how most of the time it feels like you're swimming upstream? Spinning your wheels? Banging your head against the wall? Everything takes twice as long as it should and is needlessly frustrating and complicated? Just me?

Know how every once in awhile you have a day where the opposite is true? The stars line up and everything just clicks along? Had one of those blue moon days yesterday. Thought I had a day to dread: mammogram, LensCrafters, a whole list of Must Dos that I was not looking forward to.

Got to my mammogram early, they got me in early, whole process took just a few minutes and was as painless and simple as that procedure is capable of being. Arrived home with time I hadn't counted on, so took Rojo's bike into be fixed. When I asked if the three things I needed could all be done that day, they gave me the, "We'll see what we can do," answer with the not-bloody-likely look. They called an hour later and were done. $49.95 total, parts and labor, and his bike is good as new. Plus he has a rockin' kick stand now.

When we'd taken a recent day trip to the beach, I'd tossed Rojo's glasses in the beach bag when he needed his sunglasses. Scratched the hell out of them. I (briefly) considered making him look through (badly) scratched lenses as opposed to my having to deal with a trip to LensCrafters and spend another $200 replacing the lenses we just got in March.

Got to LensCrafters and they asked if I'd happened to buy the Protection Plan when I got the glasses. Rang a bell. Turns out that yes, I did buy the plan (love when I surprise myself with my own foresight).  "Well, then, that will only be $25 to replace them, not $199 like it would be without the plan."

"Yea!" I said.

The kind woman punched in a bunch of numbers and soon the computer screen we were both looking at said, "Balance Due: -$17.50."

"Does that mean I have a credit of $17.50?" I asked.

"That's weird," the woman said, "I've never seen that before. Let me call my manager."

She did just that, and yes, as a matter of fact, LensCrafters owed me $17.50 to get new lenses.

Still don't know how that is possible, but took the money and ran.

Now Rojo is stylin' in his scratch-free lenses, I am $17.50 richer, and have a renewed sense that life doesn't have to be as hard as I make it out to be, if only I allow that to be true.


Dee said...

. . . and don't forget that new kickstand!!!! Your posting today, Carrie, has helped me put aside my dread of what I need to do.

You've made me eager to see just what the day will reveal to me about goodness. Thank you.

kario said...

Gorgeous! Lovely! Excellent! I love those days. I hope you went home and toasted your good fortune with a tasty drink on your sunny front porch.


Jamie said...

Love this post! Love hearing about days like this!!!!

fullsoulahead.com said...

Awesome Carrie!

So glad you had a great day. More, more, more of that for you!

Tanya Savko said...

Fantastic - days like that make it all worthwhile!

Amber said...

Wyatt's glasses are also scratched up, and I have not wanted to deal with it...and I also think I did get the protection plan. I'm just lazy. ;)