Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Done List

Had so many things crossed off the To Do list, had to start a whole new list. Problem. Didn't just sit with that crossed off list and kiss the ground I walk on. I impetuously (we're not going to call it "compulsively") got out the paper and made a fresh list.

So, because not enough has been made of what I've been able to do this summer in between endless trips for snow cones, frozen yogurt, glazed donuts and talking/waiting/holding life in a freezing pattern about the ice cream truck, I decided to make a DONE! list. Read it and weep:

1. Cleaned the garage

2. Cleaned the outside toy box

3. Re-organized the whole garbage/recycling system at our house, and replaced in newly cleaned garage

4. Purged and re-organized the pantry

5. Went through all drawers/cupboards in the kitchen and sorted, purged and re-organized. Now I have an empty cupboard (it's tiny, but still...) and an empty drawer. Makes me happy every time I open them and see nothing in there.

6. Filled my car three times and hauled everything to Goodwill. The man's name that helps me there is Solomon. Say it with me, NO ACCIDENTS!

7. Filled my car innumerable times and went to the recycling center.

8. Filled my whole car with old and rusted shut paint cans and took them to the hazardous waste site. Guy that helped me saw the sticker on my car with the name of my kids' school and his wife works there. Totally know her. Say it with me...

9. Found a stack of old e-mails that will help my cousin write her memoir. Not only found them, but sent them to her. She was excited. I was more excited.

10. Cleaned my medicine cupboard. Praised God we don't need 1/2 the stuff in there we at one point needed.

11. Cleaned the attic crawl space and made it a place for luggage. Either need to start going places or purge the luggage, too.

12. Got rid of everything that Rojo doesn't use or doesn't fit him anymore. Took all the faded, tattered posters off his wall and hung up crosses, framed collages and his Baptismal gown, instead. A holy person should live in a holy room, don't you think?

13. The minute Woohoo left for three weeks in June, I hyper-organized her room. Instead of being mad I touched her stuff, she was grateful for the big head start, and has managed to sort of keep it that way.

14. Got rid of most of the clothes that don't fit me. If I got rid of everything that doesn't properly fit, I'd have five things to wear.

15. Got out all the artwork with broken glass, removed (and recycled) it, then reworked some frames/glass/art and re-hung in different places.

16. Weeded the yard within an inch of its life and then sort of kept it up the rest of the summer.

17. Built myself three new Target cabinets for our bathroom and hauled the nasty ones away.

And, tomorrow I will haul two giant tubs of paper that needs to be shredded to my local UPS. Was already planning on going to that UPS to make a return ANYWAY, then with a few clicks of the computer learned that it is also a contracted shredding center. Say it with me!

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8 comments: said...

You are a maniac and you must be stopped.

Lovingly yours,


No accidents.

Elizabeth said...

I'm ta da'ing and weeping.

Dee said...

I'm saying it with you--"NO ACCIDENTS!"

It's not an accident that I found your blog a few weeks ago and met such wisdom and sanity in the midst of chaos. Thank you. Peace. said...

But not before you come organize my house. After that, you must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Wow - too awesome - you are amazing!!!

Amber said...

WOW WOW WOW Woman!! And you did all THAT before the sun even came into Virgo?! WHAT the hell are you going to do for the rest of September? lol!


Leslie said...

girl, you are just making me tired. sigh.

Tanya Savko said...

You are a force! I am in awe, and now more motivated than ever to do the same!