Sunday, August 7, 2011

Age of Wisdom

Woohoo is getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Long story short, we went to a dentist and two oral surgeons before deciding to move forward. She will have major drugs and the whole thing will be over in less than an hour. We won't even go there with the out-of-pocket cost (no dental insurance) and why it's fine for some people to charge $2,000 an hour. Believe me, I've gone there, and it's a black hole. So, instead of a family vacation, she gets her wisdom teeth out. Could be worse. Could be a lot worse. Could be unimaginably worse.

Was reading up on the procedure and all the things we need to know for the days following. Turns out the third set of molars are nicknamed wisdom teeth because they usually develop in late adolescents - the age of wisdom.

Trying to remember that Woohoo is indeed in late adolescents. She is balanced. Hard working - been working 30-hours/week all summer and making good choices with her time off. No complaints.

Still. If it were up to me, she'd already have her two books read that she needs to have read by September 6th, ("But Mom, that's like a whole month from now.") She'd have her "common ap." sketched out for college. She'd have a rough draft of her personal essay. She'd have a master list of colleges and their respective admission deadlines and criteria. She'd be registered for the ACTs and SATs. She'd be boning up on the books I bought her for that very reason.

In essence, she'd be an anxious wreck.

But she's not. She's chill. She's full of laughter. She's got nice friends and they do fun/safe/appropriate things together. "Mom, I'm not there yet. I'll get there," she says when my own anxiety can't be suppressed another minute.

I have to remember that her road to college is not mine. She will end up where she ends up because that's where she needs and wants to end up. It will be fine. It will be better than fine. It might not be what I would have chosen for her, but this is but one of many future such crossroads.

Indeed, she is ready. She knows herself. She always does what needs to be done.

And she is wise.


8 comments: said...

She is. And you know it.


Leslie said...

Aaargh--Abbie needs her wisdoms out next summer--and everyone has been telling me it'll cost over 2 grand! Yikes--I SO feel your pain, Carrie!!<3

terry said...

I cut and pasted your whole anxiety section into an email entitled "For Discussion" for Leo. Thank you for spelling out my anxiety so clearly.

kario said...

You are so brilliant, my friend! I love that you are letting her be who she is. And, despite her independence this summer, I'm betting you'll get a good dose of mothering while she's recovering from surgery. Take it in and then rejoice when she's all better and back to being her grown-up self!

Dee said...

Your daughter's maturity says a lot about her but it also says a lot about how you raised her. Your last posting was about Rojo and his going to the school yard and your raising him to be able to do that. What a mother you are. Your sane remarks always give me hope that, as Julian of Norwich said, centuries ago, "all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be exceedingly well."

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Prayers your way for her surgery and a quick recovery!

Amber said...

Hey, I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday! We have insurance but it was still $1000 out of pocket... I'm thinking of pushing one of the kids to be a dentist.
I can do that, right?

I love that she can tell you "I'm not there yet." I love it. That says so so much about YOU, mom. I am sure you have nothing to worry about with her.


Courtney said...

Oh, I LOVE this post!