Friday, September 3, 2010


STM and I went to the astrologer together Thursday. A date. A fun date. An informative date. A reaffirming date. I highly recommend such a date.

One thing she talked about that was going on in both our charts, was Saturn. "Saturn is the part of us that wants/ needs control, and we all have it," she said. "It's the part that builds structures that make things safe and hold meaning and value." STM and I have a LOT of Saturn activity in our charts. When you reframe it like that, however, it's so much nicer to think of yourself as creating structures to make things safe and hold meaning and value, than to just be, well, controlling.

Alas, there is a time for creating structures, and a time to step aside and let come what may.


Elizabeth said...

I find it fascinating how our lives circle and circle yet also "go" somewhere. That things that happen are at once random and contrived.

kario said...

Oh, Saturn is my friend. Especially when you put it that way!

I've gotta get Bubba on the phone with STM - can't imagine a 'date' like that for the two of us!

Wanda said...

Balance. The razor's edge.

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