Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Was walking down the street with Kathleen and Flicka yesterday (same street at Recessed Mary, BTW), bemoaning all the things I have to do, and how overwhelmed and incapable of doing them I feel. Side note: I've come to the conclusion that venting is necessary and healthy, within the safe confines of trusted friends and in moderation.

So. Venting, venting, venting along the way and suddenly a man pulls over, rolls down the passenger window nearest to us and asks directions to a nearby hospital. I knew in that instant he was a messenger of Mary. She was simply saying, "Ask for help. Get directions."

Of course that's always the last thing to occur to me, that indeed, I don't have to do everything all by myself. It almost feels like Mary has dumped a whole bunch of big and unexpected (and urgent) "problems" in my lap as to force me to ask for help, truly, it's impossible, impossible for me to do them without help.

Came home and called my mom, told her about one of the most stressful situations and asked if she could make a few phone calls to see who could help. Yes, I got help GETTING the help! Brilliant, right? She was happy to do it. I'd almost go so far as to say giddy.

Told STM all about the venting, the Mary tree, the message from said Mary and he said, "She's given you that message before, you know."

Yes. I know.

But this time I'm really going to try to get it.


Wanda said...

Aren't spouses wonderful accessory memories?

kario said...

What a gift you gave to your mom by asking her to (letting her) help you! I love that messenger who stopped by at just the right time - go with it, girl! Delegation is addictive. Enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

"You will learn to ask for help. You’ll have to. It won’t be easy. You’ll forget sometimes. Life will remind you."

Love you. Ask when you need to. Always.

cheryl said...

I love that you saw 'the guy asking questions' as a sign for you. We all need to pay attention like that.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I'm so happy that you recognized him as a messenger, and that this time you're really trying to get it. I'm going to remember this story and start being open to messengers!

Deb Shucka said...

People love being asked to help, have you noticed? Our spouses especially. :-)

Love Mary's voice in your life.

Ask Me Anything said...

this one actually teared me up. You know how hard that is!