Friday, September 24, 2010

(Flicka in the backseat with Elmo, waiting to get Rojo from school)

Thank you to all of you that commented or sent e-mails with your favorite Rojo-isms/stories! (Keep 'em coming!) It was very helpful! I'd forgotten most of the stories that struck many of you, and what really stood out for me was how you've been touched by Rojo's purity - how he has never complained, never said an unkind word to or about anyone, never been selfish. Never.

How easy it is to take for granted what we live with day after day. Easy to remember the hard parts, easy to forget the profound blessings. Thank you for the reminders!

You also helped me define my target audience, which is (mostly) women interested in personal growth, spirituality and children.

Thank you, Target Audience!



Wanda said...

Oh, and look at the sibling love between Rojo's children. Love.

Amber said...

There are too many! I need to go look...


kario said...

See what happens when you ask for help?

Amazing, huh?

Love you.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I found it! On your previous blog, the post when he said, "You'd know if you had harmony in your soul" - I think the title of the post was "Grandsons." I loved that. I'm still trying to have harmony in my soul.

Also, some more recent posts I loved: "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and "Faith." But I think my very favorite has to be "A Deal All the Way Around," in which he joyfully offered his tickets to the other boys. Still crying over that one. xo

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a story when he said, "why the hell would I need a cell phone?" or something like that ...

Deb Shucka said...

That Flicka - such a perfect dog!

Narrowing your target audience is a huge accomplishment - even if you get nothing else from this "asking for help."

deb said...

I didn't really feel I could help on this, since I am a fairly new reader.
I was struck immediately though by Rojo's deep sense of unconditional love.. and how you write it even when that's not the story you are telling.
I am a reader of love seekers and doers.
Your family inspires me and affirms this .

does that help?