Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Long time no write, sorry! It's not that there isn't anything to write about, there just isn't anything interesting to write about. Take a look:

1) I went to the Nike Employee Store today and bought... socks. Just socks. Nothing but socks. And only three pairs. "No shows," if you must know.

2) We went from summer to winter in Portland. Had all the screens vacuumed and in place because we'd been having days over 80 degrees. The minute, as in the exact minute I got the last screen up, the weather dropped 40 degrees and the rain has yet to stop.

3) I made a list of all the home maintenance projects we have around here and fell into such a stupor I had to distract myself with the last two episodes of "Felicity." Yes. I am 50-years-old and have recently watched all four seasons of a show that was on over a decade ago, and intended for teenagers.

4) Couldn't remember where I'd seen one of the characters before, Megan, so had to spend quite a bit of time and energy figuring it out. Turns out she was the crazy patient of Violet that cut the baby out of her on another favorite show of mine, "Private Practice."

5) "West Wing" is my next series in the queue. I have never seen that show. Can you believe it? Never.

6) Wil is the manager of the Project Unify soccer team at his school. He's about 50/50 with attendance, if it's too far away and will get him home too close to bedtime, then forget about it. The only reason he went yesterday was because it was in Wilsonville. Wilson-ville, "his" town.

7) I am still having a ball doing book readings/signings and going to book group gatherings. I love the questions people ask. I love hearing what parts move them and why. I love reading something that I hope will make them laugh, and it does. I especially love when something I read speaks to someone in an unexpected way. A big no accidents when that happens. As humdrum as my life is for the most part, that thrills me every time.


Elizabeth said...

I have missed you. After reading this post, I just know that we'd be friends if we were to live near one another -- purely on your television selection. I remember Felicity and being sorely disappointed when it was cancelled. Let me take a guess: did you watch Party of 5? Also, I had never watched a single episode of West Wing and did so quite recently, fully aware that it's a "great show." To be honest, I was bored. I will not be watching the other 4,000,000 episodes. I think I missed the boat on that. said...

You're supposed to vacuum screens?

Laurie Harper said...

Nice to hear you again! But yes, I know it well ....Life, just living life, doing out work in life...and sometimes it's just like that. And we have just finished a solid block of rain and storms that has lasted day and night for well over a week. We are soggy. I sympathize! Hugs from Minnesota.