Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thrilling, Pt. 2

Because there are more "thrilling" things to tell you about in the name of ELD (every little detail), I bring you...

1) STM has discovered the joys of online shopping. To say he eschews shopping is a gross understatement. To say that he is also super picky so shopping for him is a challenge, again, gross understatement. To say that he is in desperate need of many a garment is... say it with me, a gross understatement. Enter the savior, which provides fast, free shipping, and fast, free, easy returns! Win/win!

2) For the 10 years we've lived in this house I've somehow missed this nasty dust trap behind the pedestal sink in our bathroom. You don't even want to know what and how much I pulled from that baby yesterday when I discovered the horror. I kind of want to tell you, so "impressive" it was, but I also kind of want you to still like me, so I won't.

3) People always ask me when I do a book talk, "What is Wil into now?" We've had the blue twos, we've had the red Volkswagen bugs, we've had the Lifesaver popsicles, on and on the list goes. Well, the answer to what he's into now is iHeart Radio and Volkswagen Vanagons/Westfalias. Like, big time. He has his phone set on the camera setting whenever we're in the car so he's ready to snap a picture of any and all Vanagons, and quickly text random people the captured image. There is one in our neighborhood, and don't kid yourself for a minute - we plan our routes accordingly to make sure we don't miss a golden opportunity like that!

4) I decided at the last minute on Thursday that I needed help with a party I was throwing for one of Wil's teachers that is leaving. Don't you know it, my friend, and one of Wil's godmothers, Nancy, totally answered the bell, dropped what she was doing and became my co-room parent with a moment's notice. I have the best friends in the world. Amen.

5) I'm super excited for "The Bachelorette" to start a new season on Monday, because life without bad TV, is no life at all. And that is bad TV at its baddest.

6) This morning I cleaned my desk. I mean to say, CLEANED it. Took everything off, scrubbed the living daylight out of it, threw a bunch of junk away, updated the To Do lists and put it all back together in an organized fashion. Ahhhhh... My idea of bliss.

I think that brings you right up to the minute. If there's any other exciting breaking news to report, don't you worry your pretty little head, I'll make sure you are well informed.


Elizabeth said...

I've got two things to ask you:

1. I'd love to be on Wils' list and receive photos of the Vanagon. I want one very much and squeal in my mind every time I see one.

2. Given your #2, I'm wondering if you have any tips on how to clean the black gunk in the rubber tubing that lines the washer. These fancy front-loading washers drive me crazy because of this hideous design flaw. I tried for ages to wipe it clean and dry after every load, but it's back.

kario said...

I love hearing about ELD, Carrie. And Bubba has also discovered Nordstrom and the joy of the personal shopper. He goes downtown, parks himself in a dressing room, tells the shopper what he likes and doesn't like, and he or she brings him things to try on. it is bliss.

Elizabeth, I battle the washing machine gunk by a) leaving the door open on the washing machine whenever it isn't in use to let it dry out inbetween washes and b) wiping down with white vinegar and water once a week. I hate that design flaw, too. After a few years, I had the repair guy come out and replace the rubber gasket altogether to give me a fresh start.