Friday, March 29, 2013

The Godfather

We have had plans for weeks to get together with Wil's former Resource Room teacher and her husband, during Spring Break. I knew, but he didn't, that they wanted to ask him to be a godfather to their first child, who will be born in July (or late June). They were also asking Jack, and if you've read the book (THANK YOU), you know that Jack and Wil go together like salt and pepper, so it made all the sense in the world that if you asked one, you'd for sure want the other one, too. Two holier godfathers you'd be hard pressed to find.

My friend, Amy, texted earlier in the day to see if we could meet for yogurt. I told her no-can-do, we had big about-to-be-a--godfather plans. She wondered what Wil's response would be, and I told her, "Prepare to be underwhelmed." I also warned the teacher and her husband not to get their hopes up that he'd be excited, and that he might, in fact, say no. Regardless, I knew he would be delighted and be a wonderful godfather, so I coached them to not take his response to heart, if in fact it was less than satisfying.

We ate our yogurt, when Wil was on his second gigantic bowl, they whipped out a card and handed it to Wil. He opened it, actually read it, then said, "CARE? DO YOU HAVE A PEN? HAND ME A PEN!"

He then wrote down 13 yeses before handing the card back to them. "Yes," he said, with a huge dimpled grin on his face, "yes, I will be your baby's godfather!"

He's already talking about the Baptism and how he will sing and lead the choir. That baby will be alleluia-ing it before it can properly talk. Mark my words.

6 comments: said...

The first of five sons?

Congrats to Rojo. What an honor!

Nana said...

Carrie, I loved your book and follow your blog. Finally today I can't resist commenting, this is your most heartwarming post yet. Will a Godfather, fabulous!!
God Bless,
Paula "Foley" Hanson

Amber said...

Michelle, that's what I thought!!! Yes...yes.


Laurie Harper said...

And he will be the most amazing godfather there ever was, we know!
SMART parents who chose him.

kario said...

Tears in my eyes. Check. Goosebumps covering my arms. Check. Lump in my throat. Check.


terry said...

OMHOG--How did I miss this? He is MADE to be that baby's godfather! (and I agree, what smart parents they must be...they are already so ahead of the game)