Thursday, March 21, 2013

His Bad Side

Wil came home in quite the mood yesterday. He felt someone was taking advantage of him - not respecting his boundaries. Of course, those were not his words. His words went a little more like this: "CARE! DO YOU SEE THIS?" he turns around and points to his non-existent butt, "THIS IS MY BAD SIDE! THIS SEXY THING RIGHT HERE IS MY BAD SIDE, AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET ON MY BAD SIDE!"

He then ranted and raved for upwards of an hour, first to me, then to STM, then to both of us, then back to me, then back to STM. He told me he was going to call this person and straighten the whole thing out, I urged him to wait until he calmed down. Instead, he went upstairs, got on his iPad, Facetimed the person, and MIRACULOUSLY ENOUGH, very calmly and gently told this person what would and would not be happening in the future.

He came back down yelling again, "CARE! I TOLD THEM! I WAS POLITE! BUT I TOLD THEM!"

Self advocacy? Check, check.

Behavior modification? Check, check.

Appropriate response to boundary breaking? Check, check.

Knowing how to establish and maintain a boundary? Check, check.

Venting to a safe person(s) while remaining polite and kind to the person in question? Check, check.

His bad side ain't all bad.


Elizabeth said...

I love your stories -- and I can't help but think that however fantastic your son is, the mother and father who created him are equally so --

Laurie Harper said...

WOW -- and once again we can all take a lesson (or reminder) on speaking up for what you need and want. :-)

kario said...

He is such a rock star! And you are, too, for not racing upstairs to interrupt (or referee) the FaceTime. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I started reading your book this morning. And your son...I wish I could communicate as effectively as he does. Sigh.

Karen Mularski said...

wish i could be as wise as him even one day out of the year :) said...

"This sexy thing right here is my bad side."


I love this. The whole post. I love it so much!