Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today is Holy Thursday, the first in a three-day period of prayer leading to Easter, called the Triduum. Tonight will be the washing of the feet and the Last Supper. Tomorrow will be the veneration of the cross, and Saturday night will be the Easter Vigil, a three-hour spectacular event that is one of the few things for which I stay up past my bedtime.

I'm excited.

This year I am a Eucharistic Minister for Holy Thursday and the Easter Vigil. I am deeply honored to serve communion at such important Masses - Masses that celebrate Jesus' message: love.

My friend, Michelle O'Neil wrote a beautiful blog post this morning about just that, Jesus and his message of love - how the real story is the resurrection, and that no matter what, love cannot be killed.

That's worth celebrating.


kario said...

Michelle's post has been echoing in my head ever since I read it yesterday. And I love that the sunshine is here for this glorious weekend where you get to minister to others (not that you haven't been doing that all along in your own way).

BTW, you are the first person who introduced me to the concept that love is the only enduring thing. Thank you.

Deb said...

I finished the book Carrie. I loved it and it echoed so much of what I've felt and been through with my own daughter. Thank you. said...

Thank you Carrie! Happy Easter. xo