Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What I Love About You

Still celebrating my birthday in a big way, and loving every minute of it. Yesterday I got together with two of my dear friends from college, Marcy and Ann. Ann is probably the reason I joined not just a sorority, but our sorority. She literally met me at the door on the first day of rush, gave me a tour of the house, and it was love at first sight. We talked about that yesterday, in fact, we just had that cool, rare and wonderful oh-there-you-are-again-I-knew-you-from-our-last-lifetimes kind of connection. Marcy is the one that looked me in the eye when I was floundering around in my non-declared major and said, "You are supposed to be a teacher."

Two big angels in my life that arrived over 30 years ago, and are still actively blessing me now. Amazing.

Marcy's husband recently turned 50, also. She decided to make him a 50 Things I Love About You list, on top of all his other presents and celebrations. I asked if it was hard to come up with 50.

"It was easy I had to stop and then cross some off to make room for bigger ones, the list could have been longer!" she said. "Now, whenever I get annoyed, I just think, remember the list. It's been life changing!"

I love that idea and everything about that idea. I know that what we water, grows, but I appreciated the reminder.

Here's a little What I Love About You List for you, dear blog readers:

1. I love that you read this blog

2. I love that many of you have read it for almost 7 years now

3. I love that you are patient with me when I'm going through my many phases

4. I love that you cry with me, laugh with me, rejoice with me and pray with me

5. I love that you are invested in my family and me

6. I love that e-mail me when something I write strikes a chord

7. I love that you set me straight when I am way off base

8. I love that you're reading/talking about/recommending/buying/giving the book

9. I love that you teach me new things

10. I love that you love.


kario said...

Love you, too! And I love that you have such great friends and such long-lasting friendships. If anyone is qualified to talk about community, it's you.

Tanya Savko said...

I love that you help me to think about love and how to live with love every day.