Friday, February 15, 2013

Grossly Unremarkable

I've had weird symptoms in my abdomen for months, actually, more like years. I'll spare you all the details except to say I am fine. It's kind of like the $1,000 sliver of soap, a whole lot of money spent finding out I'm fine. I've never been happier to "waste" my money.

I think that those of us raising special needs children fear our mortality more than most - and those of us turning 50, realize it's not an if, it's a when. I'm sure a lot of my aches and pains were stress-related, and the more I feared I was dying, the worse I felt. (Fear makes everything worse.)

Because one particular sensation was in the pancreas area, I went into full-board panic. Problems with the pancreas are never good, and often very, very bad. I had made rash and catastrophic assumptions every time I felt a twinge. Finally went for an abdominal ultrasound and got the results on Tuesday. My pancreas is "grossly unremarkable." Under any other circumstances those two words paired together would infuriate me, but they were music to my ears.

So, I will have to find something else to worry about, which shouldn't be a problem. I have a waiting list.

May you all have grossly unremarkable organs, too.


kario said...

Funny how the context changes the impression, isn't it? Never before now would you have wished to be called "grossly unremarkable."

So glad you are fine. I totally get the anxiety around not being there for your kids. It is so hard to shake that panicky feeling when you're not 100% and you know you have to be 'on' for your family.

Take a worry holiday today. You've earned it.

Elizabeth said...

I know I shouldn't, but that phrase "grossly unremarkable" made me laugh out loud. Why, why, why are these medical terms so damn weird? I hope you banged some drums and clashed some cymbals to celebrate such pancreatic mediocrity.

(Thank GOD you're good).

Unknown said...

That is absolutely the best waste of money! And thank you for telling us. said...

Your pancreas may be the only unremarkable thing about you. Glad it is happy and well.


Amber said...

I agree with M'on. :)

Stress with really mess with your guts. Any stress shuts my whole system down. Good times.



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