Sunday, February 10, 2013


I've been saying for years that my next phone would be an iPhone. I've done just fine with a basic phone, and actually, how much I knew I'd love an iPhone, was one of the reasons I held off getting one. I needed another addiction/distraction/access to e-mail/Facebook/etc. like I needed a hole in my head.

But. A girl only turns 50 once, and it's hardly fair that STM has one and I don't, and so, I told him that's what I wanted for my big birthday (on top of the trip to Hawaii - 50 has made me greedy). I marched myself into Verizon the second they opened on Tuesday of last week, got a great gal that set me all up, and 41 minutes later walked up with my synced up, contacts-ready 4S. I didn't want the 5, but I did want Siri. You see, I do not have a poor sense of direction, I have no sense of direction. Plus, I had heard Siri could do anything, and I wanted to put her to work.

Because Wil loves to touch my phone and change it all around, switching my ring tones, silencing it when I most need to hear it, screwing around with my contacts, etc., I had to lay down some ground rules. "Wil, you may NOT touch my new iPhone. Ever. In turn, I will not touch Paddy (his iPad). Ever. I will simply never lay another hand on it, but you have to promise not to ever lay a hand on my new phone, which I will allow you to name."

"Theresa," he announced.

"Wonderful, Teresa she is. Deal?"

He agreed, and so far, has kept his hands off Teresa. He did make me turn off the locking and keyboard  clicks, as those drove him crazy, and I'm liking the silence myself.

I forgot to get a little lesson on how to use Siri, and when I got home, discovered I hadn't a clue. I knew it had to be SUPER simple, but still, couldn't figure it out. So, I Facebooked one of Wil's former peer assistants that is now in college and works part-time for Apple. He walked me right through it (and as you all must know, it was beyond simple). Then he gave me a few extra little 4S tips and sent me his cell number so I could text him any time with future urgent matters.

Then, even after my walk-through, I couldn't make Siri work. No matter how many times I pushed that Home button, we just weren't communicating. Here's the shocker, and the moral of the story (and all stories): I was making it harder than it needed to be.

So. I've already learned a valuable life lesson, and Theresa isn't even a week old. Can't wait to see what I learn from her next.

3 comments: said...

I am green with envy over your personal Apple assistant that came with your phone. That is awesome. I think you deserve fifty gifts.

kario said...

I love my iPhone, even if it doesn't have Siri, but Eve's and Bubba's do and I love asking silly questions just to see what she says. Did you know you can change Siri's voice? Eve's has an Australian accent which is a total crack up.

Ahhh, the simple things ;-).

Hope your birthday week is fabulous!

Amber said...

Yay! We can FaceTime! :)

(No, really. I'd like to FaceTime with you. Download it. Now)