Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The $1,000 Sliver of Soap

Right before we went to Hawaii, I went on a mad cleaning spree. I knew others were going to be sleeping in my bed, using my bathroom, and all of that. Decided the sliver of soap in the shower needed to get replaced with a nice, fresh bar (typically, we use our slivers until they disappear). Tossed that puppy in the wastebasket, and the next day emptied that wastebasket. Thought I was all done ever thinking of that sliver of soap.


Got to Hawaii and our first full day there got a text from the vet (how do you not love that the vet is a friend, and texts you). He had Flicka in with him, apparently she'd been up night vomiting. She'd been so weak and dehydrated she couldn't stand or walk, and liz had to call him and have him come to the house, carry the 65 pound dog down the stairs, into his car, and take her to work with him.

He texted us updates, as he knew we were about to hop the next plane back to Portland when we heard our third (and favorite) child was ill. He thought she might have some scary disease, so he ran a bunch of tests, but fortunately, they were all negative. Turns out, sweet Flicka had eaten that sliver of soap, in it's entirety and without a trace, and it took a couple days to make her super sick.

Of course we were thrilled she doesn't have a terrible disease. Of course we were thrilled the vet is a friend and took exceptional and personal above-and-beyond care of her. Of course we are thrilled she is happy and well and our trip continued as planned. Still, that was one mighty expensive sliver of soap, and let me assure you, all wastebaskets are up and out of her reach and will remain so.


kario said...

Oh, no! What a boon to have liz and the vet at the ready so you could be assured things were fine at home. I hope Flicka is on the mend and I guess you'll have to go back to using every last molecule of soap, huh?

It is like having another child in so many ways. Glad she's paid you back with love.

fullsoulahead.com said...

How awful to have to deal with that while attempting to be off on your trip! Glad she is okay. Your vet....takes an A!

Elizabeth said...

I apologize for laughing, but that comment that Flicka is your favorite child drove me to it. There are, evidently, no dull moments for the weary, are there?

Amber said...

Ooohhhh dooooogs!!! Why? It's not food.

We had such experience with Micky. Dog ass surgery because of yummy Legos. *sigh*