Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Fun Part

Turns out, selling and distributing THE BOOK is a whole lot more fun than writing it! I'm having a ball signing my name like I'm "somebody," putting it in mailers, dropping it off on porches, and even taking a few to Wil's favorite yogurt shop for them to sell. How about that? It's going to be available at our church's Parish Center, too! A dream come true!

In fact, maybe the biggest dream to come true of all, is the overwhelmingly loving response from the "holy elders" in our church. I hoped, I prayed, and then I worried, while writing the book. I wanted my bumpy and reluctant journey to Catholicism to be respectful to those "cradle Catholics" I knew would read it. I hoped, at the bare minimum, they would be "ok" with it. To have them stop me on the street, send me notes in the mail, drop by the house and tell me how much they were moved by it, then wanting to buy more for all their friends, has been an amazing blessing.

I had one woman bring me a Mani stone with Om Mani Padme Hung written on it. She wrote a note saying she's been a Catholic for 76 years, but keeps a bodhisattva garden. She wanted to give this to me for mine. I cried on the spot.

I had a woman, 89-years-old that I've known all my life, and has known my mother almost all of her life, write me the most incredible letter about what the book meant to her. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that response.

Thank you to all of you that have bought/downloaded the book! Thank you to those that have left incredible Amazon reviews. Thank you to those that have invited me to their book clubs. Thank you to all of you for being my faithful readers and supporters these last seven years!!


P.S. Portlanders - my book is available at Wallace Books, too!


kario said...

You are reaping what you've sown.

Couldn't happen to a better person.

Love. said...

I love it. All of it. Fly, Wil of God! Fly!

Amber said...

This just made me cry.

And I WILL go do my review!! I'm sorry I've not done it yet. But I DID post a link on our school FB page weeks ago!

Oxox :)