Monday, January 7, 2013

Sing It!

Sunday evening, after 16 straight days together, Rojo wanted to have one last "concert" for me. He loves to play the piano, and I love to be somewhere else when he does. He's never had a lesson, but has a great ear. He can play the right hand really well, but the left hand just bangs out (loudly, and with the pedal) the bass clef. Quite frankly, it's enough to rattle your teeth and nearly deafen your ears. I'd had one too many concerts over the "vacation," but I agreed to it anyway, as saying no was sure to be harder than saying yes.

"Care," he said, while opening the kitchen drawer and getting a Post-It, "I'm going to write down four songs for my concert, and then you tell me which one comes next."

He positioned himself at the piano and I called out, "#1, 'Holy Mackroll.'"

He played something that sounded an awful lot like "Jingle Bells."

Then I said, "#2, 'Jesus and Mary.'"

He proceeded to play to the tune of "Frere Jacques," while singing, "Jesus and Mary, Jesus and Mary, Where are you? Where are you? In our hearts and souls, in our hearts and souls. A-amen. A-amen!"

I loved "Jesus and Mary" so much, I'm afraid I can't even remember much about "Blessed is the Man," or "God Has Come."


kario said...

Thank Mary they went back to school yesterday, is all I have to say. Otherwise, I would have needed some serious intervention.

Love. said...

I hope you got it all on tape.

Laurie Harper said...

But when was the last time any of us made up a song, played the piano we can't play, and sang our hearts out? (Though I am glad I didn't have to hear it...I admit.)