Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We've had the weirdest summer, only a handful of days over 80 (and none over 85) and many in the 60's. Sunday it rained so hard you would have thought it was January. Even knocked the power out for a couple of hours.

Just when the power went out STM was getting ready to take Rojo over to visit his parents, and give me a break. I was going to go to the grocery store(s), get started on dinner, do laundry, catch up on e-mail, and about 100 other things I planned to pack into the 2-hours they'd be gone.

They left, and I went to open my garage to get my car out, and of course, could not. Couldn't do the laundry. Couldn't cook the dinner. Couldn't get on the Internet. Couldn't vacuum. Couldn't iron. Couldn't do anything on the list.

Walked around aimlessly for a few minutes before deciding the outage was a huge gift. The gift of not being able to do anything except rest. Crawled into bed and had a great a nap. When I woke up the power was back on. I pretended it wasn't and went back to bed.

 Note to self: Don't wait for the power to go out to restore mine.

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kario said...


So proud of you! I hope you ordered pizza for dinner and recruited Woohoo and STM to help with laundry.

Our summer is crazy cool, too, but I might take a page from your playbook the next time it rains.

fullsoulahead.com said...

Awesome Carrie. Good napping!

Anonymous said...

Love this!!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing I love better than a good nap!!!!!!

Tanya Savko said...

"Don't wait for the power to go out to restore mine" - brilliant, as always.

P.S. The weather has been exactly the same down at this end of the state...so bizarre.

One Mom said...

Love it. :)