Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, Yes and More Yes

Yes, Rojo had the same two friends stop by yesterday, unexpectedly, that came by a few weeks ago.

Yes, he was a jerk to them, again.

Yes, it was because he had money in his pocket and was planning on waiting outside for the ice cream truck, and their arrival threw a wrench into his plans.

Yes, I have tried to teach him to behave appropriately, despite frustrations and changes of plans.

Yes, he could have easily hung out with them while waiting for the ice cream truck.

Yes, I pointed that out.

Yes, he remained jerk-like.

Yes, I sent him to his room.

Yes, he went, but not before throwing his bike on the ground and his helmet across the driveway.

Yes, I took his cell phone.

Yes, I told him Flicka could not hang out with him while he spent 35 minutes in his room.

Yes, I told him if the ice cream truck did come, he would not be buying any.

Yes, that was what broke him.

Yes, I felt terrible.

Yes, he is eating out of the palm of my hand, today.

Yes, everyone that asks me how my summer is going gets to hear this story in excruciating detail.


Elizabeth said...

Yes. You're a good mama.

Yes. That's a hug from me.

Amber said...

Yes, sometimes it needs to happen.
Yes, all is well.
Yes...Mary may be snickering,while she is teaching you that even our little spiritual teachers sometimes need a tough lesson. She sent Jesus to his room all the time, so I heard...


Kim said...

Yes, that he's eating out of the palm of your hand.

Yes, my summer is working out like this too--minus the eating out of my hand part.

Yes, I'm ready for school to start

kario said...

Yes, ice cream is a powerful incentive (for me, too).

Yes, I'm happy to hear this story because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in the sometimes-crappy world of summer parenting.

Yes, we all still adore you. All of us.

Dee said...

And yes, you do want to forgive yourself for being a loving mother and to embrace yourself also. Peace, Dee said...

Yes, Rojo is so very lucky to have you for his mom.

Not a mark on him.

Leslie said...

Yes, you are the best mama I know.

Yes, my almost 21 year old STILL pulls this very same shit with me!

Yes, I, too, am living for Back To School time, BIG TIME!!!