Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Checking the Box

Going to my 30th high school reunion in August. Thirty years. Sounds like a big number. Been doing the math since the 20th and knew that 2011 would mark thirty, and kept my ear to the ground for details of the reunion as they emerged - knew I'd want to go and see everyone.

Only kept in close touch with two friends, and we'll be staying together in a hotel for the weekend, which in and of itself will be worth the trip. We are three very different people that might not ever find each other now, but because we found each other when we were 14 (actually, one was only 13), we are forever found.

Had to write a check for $40 for the night of the actual reunion, there is an unofficial come-who-may night beforehand, too. Undoubtedly that one will be more fun - the more thrown together the better, if you ask me.

Got new checks - first time I've had those 2-parters and I'm left with the copies underneath. Not sure just what I'll do with them, never had a need for them before and now I know I'll feel compelled to somehow store them (in plastic totes in my basement), like all the other junk I don't know what to do with. On each duplicate is a little "Track Your Expenses" portion, with neat and tidy categories from which to choose. Kind of having fun doing that, just to see where my money actually goes. Feel super noble when I get to mark "Charities," feel responsible when marking "Education" or "Utilities," and feel lazy when marking "Other."

When it came time to mark the check for $40, I decided on "Entertainment." Could have called it "Travel," could have called it any number of things, but really, I'm going there to laugh about old times, learn about everyone since the last time we gathered, maybe cry a little, too. I'm going there to have an experience I cannot have by staying home. I'm going to have fun. I'm going because it's time to form union. Again. Re-union.


Wanda said...

My 40th is this year...sigh.

Never transitioned to the 2-parters. Hope I don't have to.

kario said...

Oh, Lord! The boxes in the basement.

I keep my two-parters for seven years and then shred them. My financial guy says seven years is too many, but since I only write about three checks a month, I have the storage space.

Have an amazing time reconnecting! What fun.

Elizabeth said...

My 30th is also this year -- in the fall, for some reason even though we graduated in the spring of 1981, and I plan on going but really want to lose a bit of weight and look more like my seventeen year old self. Sigh.

I had two-parters for a while and didn't reorder them. They sit in a plastic bin, useless.

Tanya Savko said...

I love your take on "reunion" - to form union, again. Enjoy!