Thursday, July 7, 2011

One World

I am in one of my Poor Carrie moods, and no good can really come from blogging when I'm in this mood, because it will pass, and you've all heard it before anyway, and so, instead, I bring you a "new" blog. It's not new, it's a year old, but I'm late in bringing it to your attention, and I'm sorry about that, because it is absolutely 100% fab.

Michaela is my friend Kathleen's daughter, a 21-year-old almost senior in college. This summer she is the activities director at a camp for seriously ill children, The Painted Turtle.

She recently posted a beautiful piece called One World that did much to help me recover from the Poor Carrie Syndrome.


kario said...

Can't wait to check it out.

And, BTW, you are absolutely entitled to be in a "Poor Carrie" mood. Sit with it, feel it thoroughly, and replace it with love and hope when you are ready. I'll send some your way.

Wanda said...

Ditto Kario. Love. You. said...

I'll light a candle for Poor Carrie and send some love and uber appreciation her way. It's probably all she really needs.

Marge said...

What a wonderful camp and an outstanding young man. I have been feeling the same way lately and I can't hardly stand to be around myself. Love you.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link.

There's probably a pity party jamboree somewhere that we can all go to, party a bit, play our violins and then stumble home and nurse our hangovers. I'll probably see you there. :)