Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trying New Things

Wil is back to talking quite a bit about what life will be like when he gets married and has his kids. He has the lucky lady all picked out, and let me tell you, he does know how to pick 'em. Yesterday he informed me that when he is married and has kids, he will get a poodle, and there will simply be nothing I can do about it. "When I am married to my girlfriend and have kids, I am going to get a poodle. You can't decide what dog I get because I will be married and have my kids. When I am married to my girlfriend I might get five poodles."

I have never voiced an anti-poodle sentiment, so I'm not sure quite why the vehemence.

Today I asked him if he'd like to sit up front with me when we drove over to Grandma's to fix her TV (which wasn't broken, but her remotes weren't cooperating, and Wil is a genius when it comes to remotes). He typically prefers to sit in the backseat with Flicka, rendering me a chauffeur, but I am fine with that. My purse sits besides me and never, ever plays with my radio. So, today he did sit beside me, and he did play incessantly with the radio, and he did prattle (one of his favorite words) on and on about his future with his girlfriend that will be his wife, and his kids. When he is married to his girlfriend then she will drive the car, and he will introduce the kids to various types of music. "If my kids tell me they don't like that type of music, I will be strict with them, I will tell them they have to try it before they can tell me they don't like it. I will play country and oldies and classic rock for them. I will make them try new music before they tell me they don't like it. My wife will drive and I will play music for my kids and make them try new things."

I guess his kids will be getting the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do lesson, very early on.


kario said...

Sounds like he's pretty clear on his priorities.

Will you ask him to sit in the front again? I think not...

Elizabeth said...

Please tell Wil that I have a white poodle, and while I'm already married, if I were younger and not married, I'd wait for him to drive down here and pick up me and my poodle in his Vanagon.

Tanya Savko said...

The five poodles. Brilliant!