Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big Leap

I am going to talk about a book I have not read, and know very little about. Don't you love it?  The Big Leap. During my most recent self-improvement kick, I partook in the Hay House World Summit 2013. I should put the word "partook" in quotation marks, because I really just dabbled - 20-30 minutes a day of one of the ten speakers-of-the-day, before Wil woke up and my day went from zen to business-as-usual.

Gay Hendricks was one of the speakers, and he spoke about many things, including the four zones, which he outlines in his book, The Big Leap. They are the zones of competence, incompetence, excellence and genius. Most of us spend a lot of time in the first two zones, doing what we do, over and over again, and spending way too much time and effort doing things we really aren't cut out for. The goal is to spend the majority of your time in the zone of genius - doing what you came here to do, doing what fills you up, what you do better than anyone else, what is uniquely your skill set, what sets you and the world it touches, on fire.

I can't stop thinking about this, because I definitely spend way too much time competently taking care of the day-to-day tasks and chores, and way too much time feeling guilty for not doing things at which I am incompetent, but tell myself I not only should be doing, but should be doing well! Insanity. I occasionally spend time in the zone of excellence, and have touched the bliss of the genius zone. It's bliss for a reason - it's right and good and lines up with our higher purpose. It's not that our ego is being stroked and that's why it feels good, it's that we were born to do that. We are on track. We are in alignment.

Even if we can't take a big leap straight from competence/incompetence to excellence and genius, we can baby step it. We can bring this idea into our awareness. We can notice when we are in alignment and when we aren't. We can touch each of those moments with gentle awareness. We can put out the intention into the Universe.

And then we can wait expectantly for the Universe to compassionately and swiftly bring forth more opportunities to practice.



kario said...

What a beautiful notion! I am totally going to spend some time thinking about this and endeavor to spend more time in the realms of excellence and genius. Funny, but my first instinct was to assume that I don't belong there because I'm not capable of either of those things. Clearly, this is an area for me to work on ;-).


Laurie Harper said...

Nicely said, Carrie. A long time ago in a diary I wrote that I loved mornings because I had not yet done anything I regretted, but I also love a new day because I can TRY AGAIN for those things not yet accomplished. May we all start each day with fresh intention and mission. Thanks for this!

Karen Mularski said...

You just keep on writing, genius ;)