Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Bright (One Might Even Say, "Sparkly") Future

(Kara with her Down syndrome doll mentioned in her last guest blog post)

I asked our friend Kara to tell us what her thoughts are for the future. Here is her reply:

hi carrie my fuecher is I would like to go to new York and see some broadway shows  therie and see  every thing when I do get merryed someday in the fuecher I would like to have my fucher honeymoon  in newyork and see really cool sites and I would like to see where they made the movie annie in new York I would love to see where theymade annie in newyork because they made that movie annie in 1981 and that was the year I was born  this is my fucher someday I want to remember this moment

2 comments: said...

I love when Kara guest posts on your blog. I hope she gets to New York one day.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Kara,

I hope your future has New York City in it and lots of Broadway shows and fun. I'm going to wish on a star tonight that it's so.

Thanks, again, for guest posting on Carrie's blog. And thank Carrie for sharing your words with us!

Elizabeth, your friend in Los Angeles