Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is the Day that the Lord Hath Made, Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad!

A friend just e-mailed me with that refrain from a favorite church song of Rojo's. And it's true, the Lord did make today, and it's every bit as true, if not truer, that I am GLAD!

Rojo is at school! He was super janked this morning and had me out the door WAY before time to go. We took the long way, we dropped something off, and still we were there way too early.

For the last few days Rojo has been telling me he hopes a boy we'll call K., will be one of his assistants this year. We kind of know K., his younger brother was in Rojo's class for a few years, and K. lives in the neighborhood, I am acquainted with his mom. We know enough of K. to know he's wonderful, let's just say that.

Anyhoo. Rojo got it in his head that life would not go on without K. as a helper, and so he somehow got K.'s cell number and began texting him multiple times to see what could be arranged. Today when I dropped Rojo off way too early, THERE was K., already there, standing outside ready to walk up to the car, help Rojo unload all his stuff, and escort him to his classroom, whereby I imagine he helped unpack all the stuff and make some sort of sense of things.

I teared up seeing K. there early, ready to help, answering the bell. More than that, I was reminded for the one trillionth time, that Rojo will be okay. It is not all up to me. He can advocate for himself. He can make stuff happen. He knows when he needs help and he's good about figuring out the perfect person to "offer" that help. HE WILL BE FINE.

Came home from this whole scene and was all wound up, put the leash on Flicka and took her on a power walk. Walked by my friend L.'s house. She came outside and we chatted. Told her the story of K. Told her how he was met with open arms and a loving heart. Told her that Rojo will be okay.

With tears in her eyes she looked at me and said, "Oh, he'll be FINE!"

And I believed her in the bottom of my heart.

4 comments: said...

Rojo will be okay. It is not all up to me. He can advocate for himself. He can make stuff happen.


Laurie said...

Another amazing day....You line things up well and he takes over and yes, advocates for partnership.

Amber said...

I'm so happy to read this beautiful story.
I meant to send an email to you and tell you about something a mom told me at pick up! Her son was the child with autism in G's class last year, the one she held hands with during their holiday sing "to help him be ok". During his IEP for this year, they asked him what might help him in class this year? Was there anything they could plan that would help him? He said, "Georgia". Lol!

I am so happy she is a blessing o this boy, and I know it partly came about because of my friends like you, who share their kids lives with us. Your experiences with Rojo have helped us understand things, and open hearts.


kario said...

Gee, Care, I wonder where he learned to be such a fierce advocate for himself?

That apple did NOT fall far from the tree.